Matchwomen's Festival • Saturday 1st July 2017 14:00 to 23:30(BST) • The London Irish Centre, 50‐52 Camden Square, London NW1 9XB




We had such a great response from you to our sponsorship request for the first festival in 2013, that we were able to use the surplus to run last year's small festival too, so didn't fundraise hard in 2014.  But we have now used all our funds, so are here again with our be-feathered matchwomen's begging hat!


When you sponsor us, your name will appear on all our publicity.  If you decide to sponsor an area or item in total, we are happy to display a large logo on the day as well.  Cheques to:  Matchwomen's Festival, c/o Dr Louise Raw, 6 Abbey Court, Holywell Hill


Ask your union or organisation to donate using this model motion*


We currently need:


•Stewards – please email names to


•Donations: for the following:


•PA System£2000


•Festival badges£140


•Speaker's and Bands' Expenses£400


•Children's Entertainment£150


We have also undertaken the mentoring of local unemployed women at around £500 but expect to be able to cover that ourselves from our (low-priced) ticket sales. £150