Matchwomen's Festival • Saturday 1st July 2017 14:00 to 23:30(BST) • The London Irish Centre, 50‐52 Camden Square, London NW1 9XB



Following the huge success of Matchfest 2016, we're back for 2017 with a bit of a killer line–up if we do say so ourselves!




• 2:00 Louise Raw Opening Welcome


• 2:05 Morpeth School 6th Form read “I Am A Woman” Poem written exclusively for us by Star Joseph


• 2:10 Louise Raw Rise Up Women! Fighting back through history


• 2:20 The Girls of the Mary and Jesus Language College On how the matchwomen inspired them


• 2:30 Heather Peacock The young woman who overcame her own brain injury to fight for and save her NHS unit


• 2:45 Shami Chakrabarti Shadow attorney general in conversation with Diane Abbott MP Shadow home secretary, marking Diane Abbott's 30 years in Parliament


4:04 Women on the Front Line


• 4:05 Imani Robinson UK Black Lives Matter


• 4:20 Claire Heuchan aka ‘Sister Outrider’ Black, lesbian, feminist activist and writer


• 4:35 Nina On our sponsors the Freedom Programme on surviving, thriving and helping other women after violence and abuse


• 5:05 Kiri Tunks The NUT vice-president on sexual harassment in schools and what parents can do


5:20 Questions and short break


5:40 Stories of Life, Love and Protest;


• 5:40 Rachel Holmes Best–selling author of “Eleanor Marx”, and the forthcoming biography of Sylvia Pankhurst


• 5:55 Sarah Wise award–winning author of “The Italian Boy”, “The Blackest Streets”, and “Inconvenient People”


• 6:15 Mary Chamberlain of the London Recruits The sensational story of the young women who undertook clandestine missions for the ANC during the bleakest years of the apartheid regime; now subjects of a book and film.


• 6:25 Barbara Jackson Secretary of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign


6:35 Questions and wrap up


(times are approximate)


• 7:00–7:15 Hannah Chutzpah funny, feminist, heartfelt poetry, who wants you to know she has been described as ‘fine’ by three therapists...


• 7:30–8:00 Steve White and the Protest Family London's favourite sing–along folk–punk heroes


• 8:15–8:45 Gaptooth wry, feminist electro–pop reflections on love and politics from Hannah Lucy


• 9:00–9:30 The Menstrual Cramps> a much needed Riot Grrrl–reboot from the ‘British Pussy Riot’!


• 9:45–10:15 Thunder on the Left gnarly riffs from leftie London rockers


• 10:30–11:00 Ms Mohammed ‘Powerful, brilliant, goddess–like’ (BBC) Her song ‘Alibi’ is our festival's protest anthem